Summer Bridge Program Participants Will:

  • Take a 3 unit PEDS 110 Career Planning Comprehensive Course.

  • Complete a paid work assignment on-campus.

  • Benefit from college activities, including field trips.

  • Learn about college programs and resources.


PEDS 110 Course Description*:

Introduces a decision-making process that will help students envision and plan for a future that is:

  • Productive

  • Achievable

  • Stimulating

At the end of this process, students will have developed:

  • A personalized 10-year career and education plan that can be accessed online.

  • This plan can be used for advisory and academic coaching purposes.

  • This plan can be updated as students grow, change, or face transitions.

  • This plan will provide the focus and motivation to succeed in college, at work, and in life.

 *These credits are NOT CSU/UC transferable, but they ARE applicable towards an A.A. Degree. 


Course Overview:

  • Who Am I?

      • Envisioning Your Future

      • Your Personal Profile

  • What Do I Want?

      • Lifestyles of the Satisfied and Happy

      • Lifestyle Costs

      • Your Ideal Career

      • Career Research

      • Decision Making

  • How Do I Get It?

      • Setting Goals and Solving Problems

      • Avoiding Detours and Roadblocks

      • Attitude Is Everything